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marvlaTINDO - Poézia 2019

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Hand-harvested grapes of Blaufränkisch, Pinot Noir, Alibernet and St. Laurent grapes were processed as a single varietal. Grapes were crushed and left to ferment on skins in an open tub for 4-5 weeks, where they were steered and punched through. Wines aged for 8-10 months in old oak barrels. Single varietal wines were then married together in a big stainless steel tank, where they spent an extra couple of months on fine lees. Wine is vegan.

Light red wine for everyday drinking, red berry fruit, cherries, sour cherries on the nose and in taste, low tannins, crisp acidity. Very enjoyable on low temperatures.

Pairing with sous-vide game meat (deer loin)

Alcohol: 12.0% abv.