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Pivnica Čajkov - Empress Frankovka 2016

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Blaufränkisch was for Austro-Hungarian Empire, what Pinot Noir was for French Empire. Wine which couldn't miss on any table of any nobility of those times. And we totally understand why...  

80% of hand harvested grapes of Blaufränkisch (Frankovka Modrá) were de-stemmed, crushed with the rest and let for 25 days long skin maceration. Wine then aged for 32 months in old oak barrels. A dose of 20mg/L of Sulphites has been added to wine before bottling. Un-fined, unfiltered. Wine is vegan. 

Ready to rule!

Dark red wine with deep tones of dark stone fruit and sophisticated and round body of plum jam, currents and juicy acidity.

Pairing with roasted poultry and pork and beef dishes.

Alc. 13.0%