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Sklep58 - Partyzán PetNat White 2019

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Müller Thurgau grapes were hand harvested in 35 years old vineyard elevated 280 m. above sea level with soils of loess on 6.9.2019.

Grapes were de-stemmed, crushed and for one day to macerated on skins. After the juice was siphoned out to glass demijohns where the spontaneous fermentation kicked in. Before the end of fermentation process, the wine was bottled and let to finish the process there. Wine is vegan with no Sulfites added.

Naturally sparkling wine (PetNat) of yellow-green colour, with nose after citruses with light muscatel nose. Mouth filling very fresh taste with great acidity.

Pairing with oysters, light leaves salad or light pasta dishes.

Alc. 12.5%