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Pivnica Čajkov - Vulcanica #5

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A sparkling blend of two white grapes and vintages - Pesecká Leánka 2019 (3-9 days on skins) that spent 12 months in oak barrels and Pinot Gris 2018, fermented on skins for 2 weeks and aged for 20 months in oak barrels. The secondary fermentation was started with fresh Pesecká Leánka with the slow re-fermentation of the mature wine adding dimension and velvety bubbles. Wine is vegan.

The wine has a complex fruit and salty taste from the volcanic tuff and fresh acidity making it a versatile wine to drink all year round, with food or without. In Marek’s words it’s “wine without poses, which brings joy and happiness to your day. It is not a pet-nat, it is not a traditional method, it ́s “methode untraditional” Not clarified, filtered nor mechanically stressed. 

Great celebratory bottle of bubbles for any occasion. 

Alcohol: 13% abv,