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Voni Wine - Milerka 2021

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Milerka is slang name for Müller-Thurgau grape variety in Czech Republic. Milerka is also name of a cow grazing pastures of Voni Wine's farm. You can see it in the label (some artistic license allowed. 

Hand harvested grapes were collected to boxes (cca. 15 kg) and foot stomped - whole bunch. After a couple of hours, grapes were pressed in the basket press and wine matured 6 months in used oak barrel. Wine is vegan.


Only 300 bottles made.

Juicy white still wine, with distinctive Müller-Thurgau floral nose. In taste dominates stone fruit notes with hints of lemon zest and pomelo peel. All in harmony with acidity which lingers and prolong the taste. 

Alcohol: 10.5% abv. Sulphites (total): 13 mg/L