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Pivnica Čajkov - Pesecká Leánka Debrechta Kruhe 2019

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Grapes of Pesecká Leánka (Feteasca Regala) were hand harvested in two very old vineyards (50+ years). Kruhe vineyard is sunnier and produces sweeter ripe grapes. Debrechta produces lighter “greener” grapes with more acidity. Both vineyards harvested on the same day. Grapes were crushed and let to macerate on skins for a day. Juice spontaneously fermented and aged in stainless steel, 6 months on lees. A dose of 35 mg/L of Sulphites was added before bottling. Wine is not filtered nor fined. Wine is vegan.

Light white wine with light golden colour, slight oxidative notes on nose and in taste with tones of baked apricot with high acidity.

Great wine to pair with cold charcuterie, pork/duck rillettes, hard cheeses.

Alc. 12.0%