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Pivnica Čajkov - Princess 2022

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Single varietal Pesecká Leánka. 

Hand harvested in September 2022. Destemmed, and crushed grapes were left on skins overnight. The free-run juice was then moved into stainless steel tanks (no press) and spontaneously fermented until the end of October. It remained on its fine lees in the same tank until the end of January 2023. No manipulation, racking, nor batonnage in order to preserve the wine's freshness and slight natural CO2 that emphasises the grape's typical fruit and liveliness. Wine is vegan. 

Notes from the winemaker: 

Princess is the embodiment of my belief that even easy-drinking, “breakfast style” wines shouldn't be basic, but rather show the region's DNA, albeit in a more light-headed way. Delicate fruity aromas remind you of having a picnic in the middle of an orchard in full spring. Fun light fizz and vivid acidity, ending on a richer vintage note of grandma's apricot tart, freshly taken out of the oven. (A perfect match for this wine by the way, when you're light on the sugar.) The ubiquitous “grilled fish, poultry and light veggie dishes or salads” also work miraculously here.

Alcohol: 11% abv., added sulphur: 25mg/L