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Sklep58 - Partyzán PetNat Red 2019

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Laurot* grapes were hand harvested in 25 years old vineyard elevated 185 m. above sea level with soils of loess on 14.9.2019. 

In the winery, the grapes were de-stemmed and foot stomped. Juice then immediately transferred to glass demijohns where the spontaneous fermentation kicked in and continued for couple of days. Before it finished (sugar levels of juice declined to needed number) young wine was bottled and let to finish the fermentation in the bottles. Bubbles has no Sulfites added and is vegan.

Naturally sparkling wine (PetNat) of light ruby colour, with nose red current and forest berries. Mouth filling very fresh taste, with tones of sour cherries, red and black current supported with lingering acidity.

Alc. 12.0%

* Laurot is new crossbreed grapevine variety which has been created from Merlan (crossbreed of Merlot and Seibel) and Fratava (crossbreed of Blaufränkisch and St. Laurent).