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U Koňa - Hrozienkáč 2019 (0.5L)

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A delicious sweet blend of Furmint(80%) and Zeta (20%). The grapes were harvested over a period of 3-4 weeks with only bunches with naturally-formed raisins selected for the wine. The crushed grapes were loaded into a tub with a lid. After the harvest period, the fermenting crushed grapes were foot-stomped to the consistency of mud. The mixture was then pressed and wine matured in glass demijohns for 15 months. Bottled with coarse filtration and a small dose of sulphites. Wine is vegan.

Sweet wine with signatory Tokaj oxidative notes loads of residual sugar, with great lingering acidity.

Digestive after a great dinner or just a yummy night cap.

Alcohol: 11% abv