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Voni Wine - Svá 2020

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Svá, translates to “herself”. Which this cuvee represents thoroughly. Grüner Veltliner grapes are from Niki’s vineyard which she inherited from her grandparents and tend to them herself. The whole process of making this wine was taken care of by her from harvest, through vinification to the decision when to bottle. The label was designed by her mother and the name and writing of it on the label has been designed by her sister-in-law. Female wine through and through. And absolutely delish. Wine is vegan.

A dry, single-vineyard orange wine, made in a used oak barrel after 29 days of skin maceration. Juicy orange wine with Veltliner’s spiciness, a bit of grip on the tongue, and aromatic notes of citruses and violets.

Pairing with salads or seafood dishes.

Alcohol: 12.0% abv.