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Pivnica Čajkov - Godfather 2021

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This Pinot Gris from vineyards with volcanic soils and bedrock of tuff (compressed volcanic ash) is an absolute bomb! We recognize it as orange, but some might consider it rose. Final cuvee is assemblage of three wines. 

First pick: beginning of September, for acidity. On skins for 3 days, spontaneously fermented until roughly 2-3% ABV, then racked into old barrels. Second pick: mid-September, for structure, balance, vintage character. On skins until practically dry (12% ABV), then racked into old barrels. Third pick: beginning of October, raisined grapes for concentrated terroir expression. On skins for 3 weeks then racked into old barrels. After 12 months wines are blended together for final bottling with small addition of sulphur. Wine is vegan. 

Orange still wine, creamy yet refreshing with long mineral, salty taste, solid acidic backbone and ethereal raisiny/truffle finish.

Alcohol: 14% abv. Sulphur added: 15mg/L