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United Cellars of Tekov


We were absolutely ecstatic when we learned that Marek from Pivnica Čajkov and Ján from Pivnica Brhlovce joined forces and decided to create an coop brand United Cellars of Tekov. 

All these years, they somehow forgot to tell us, rascals, that they together owe a sizeable plot of vineyards, the produce of which is sold to other wineries and not used in their cellars. In 2020 they've sit down to reflect on the last couple of years and ponder upon the future. They decided to pool some resources, start utilizing the grapes from the vineyards... That was the time United Cellars of Tekov was born. 

This project unites two winemakers, two cellars and skill of two people, who are born and raised in Tekov terroir, which is a subregion of Nitra wine region. 

Vulcanic terroir, with a bedrock of tuffs, and rhyolite.  

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