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Martin and Vlado, two friends and partners in wine (and crime), started with a passion for making wine, and in 2009 turned it into a full-fledged winery - marvlaTINDO.

Through the wines they represent the local terroir of central Slovakia, especially highlighting its unique volcanic soils. 

Their vineyards, grown and maintained according to a low-intervention philosophy, are located on the caldera of the Sitno stratovolcano - once the biggest in Europe - which erupted around 15 million years ago.

The soil is comprised of a bedrock of tuff (compressed volcanic ash), that provides the grapes with minerality. The climate is colder and humid, which helps to preserve acidity. Together these provide the signature characteristics of marvlaTINDO wines.

The wines are matured in oak barrels of various ages and in stainless steel tanks . No fining nor filtering is used before bottling and minimal sulphites are added to wines.

Their production is around 12-15,000 bottles a year.