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Pivnica Čajkov - Vulcanica #7

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Method non-traditionnelle.

A sparkling orange wine made from blend of Pesecká Leánka (3 days skin contact) and Pinot Gris (around 3 weeks skin contact). After blending of base wines, a fresh juice of Pesecká Leánka has been added to kick start the secondary fermentation that finished in bottles. Undisgorged, with no sulphur added. Wine is vegan. 

Volcanic tang, crushed rock, yeasty notes mingled with forest strawberries, apricots and flowers. Quite creamy in the mouth, thanks to the fine bubbles and silky maceration notes; ending on a salty acid kick with orange / pomelo rind flavours. 

Great with steamed fish or with selection of hard cheeses.

Alcohol: 12,5% abv.