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Detour Spirits - Sweet Youth

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Sweet Youth perfectly expresses the nature of this wonderful single-cask, single malt Scotch whisky - a Whitlaw spirit produced at the famous Highland Park distillery.

This release, it combines a youthful spirit and sweet notes in a golden elixir. 

The whisky was matured for 5 years in a small octave cask, previously used for sweet Moscatel wine. The shorter aging period preserved the young spirit and peaty profile, and thanks to a high liquid to surface ratio and very active wood there was enough time to extract all the good notes from the barrel. The yield was only 78 bottles, with only 18 allocated to the UK market.

We very much enjoy a tasting journey with our spirits, tasting at different alcohol levels, by adding dash(es) of water to your liking. For that you want to start high, so we bottled this little fella at 53% alc. vol.

Bottle: 0,7L